Many people come to the church to seek God's blessing at special moments in their lives. Questions about any of these rites can be directed to any of our clergy.


Baptism is a celebration of a person’s decision to live their life as a Christian, or in the case of a baby or young child, to raise that child as a Christian.  In baptism, we celebrate God’s love for us and our commitment to live our lives as followers of Jesus Christ.

Not unlike marriage, baptism is a covenant, a holy promise between the one being baptized and God, with the whole church as the gathered community to witness and support the vows being made.  For that reason, we take baptism very seriously.  The promises one makes in baptism (either for oneself or on behalf of a child or infant) are not easy, and we want to help those taking them on to live them as fully as possible.

Festivals of Holy Baptism are normally held five times a year, on holy days in September, November, January, and early and late Spring (the dates depend on when Easter falls each year). 


Confirmation is an opportunity for a person to confirm their desire to live their lives according to the baptismal covenant. Most often celebrated in the early teen years, although also available to adults, confirmation is available to anyone who wishes to take the promises of their baptism on for themselves. 

The officiant at services of Confirmation is the bishop, and so these are scheduled according to our area bishop's calendar.


Christian marriage is intended by God to be the union of two people in a mutually fulfilling relationship. It is one of the most important steps you will ever take in your life. While the church is still considered the appropriate place for the solemnization of marriage, a marriage may take place elsewhere. There is more information available by downloading the documents on this page.


The church is available for Christian funerals, of members and for members of the community; our clergy are also available to officiate at funerals at a funeral home or other site. The clergy are also pleased to speak with you about pre-planning your own funeral service.